4 Common Sources of Water Damage (Other than Flooding)

When we think of water damage in the home, we often think of the devastating effects of flood. This has been top of mind with the recent flooding events in Toronto, at levels we had never seen in the area before. Flood preparation is indeed an important thing for any home owner to consider, but flooding is not the only source of water damage in the home. In fact, there are a number of emergencies that are more likely than flooding to require the help of a flood recovery company. Here are some of the most common causes of water damage in homes in Southern Ontario.

Broken Pipes

When the temperatures plummet to well below freezing, a record number of calls are made to plumbers to thaw frozen pipes. When that call isn’t made in time, the pipe can burst, causing a major indoor flood. Pipes running along exterior walls in older, generally less well-insulated homes are especially susceptible to breaking in the cold. Once the plumbing problem has been addressed, a flood recovery company can help take care of the water damage.

Broken Appliances

Something as simple as a broken dishwasher pipe or poorly loaded washing machine can cause a major problem in your home. Insurance companies field calls every day from home owners who have had a significant leak in their home caused by a malfunctioning appliance. If this ever happens to you, let us save you a call. Yes, you might have coverage, but only if you can prove the appliance was properly maintained. Whether or not you can handle the cleaning and drying after this type of event depends entirely on how much water has escaped.

Sewer Backup

It takes a lot of water in a really short time-frame to cause a severe flooding event, but storm drains can overflow with a surprisingly small rainfall. When the storm drains can no longer do their job, sewer back-ups into basements happen incredibly often. Since the problem in this case is untreated sewage which is difficult to handle for obvious reasons, it’s best to enlist professional help to clean up after this particular problem.

Overflowing Sink, Toilet or Tub

Usually going hand in hand with the burgeoning independence of a small child, overflowing sinks, toilets and tubs happen to home owners all the time. If your potty training toddler can’t find their favourite toy, there’s a good chance it has been flushed. Or rather, partially flushed. The mess from an overflow can usually be cleaned up easily, as long as it is handled quickly. Otherwise, all the same mould and mildew problems of other flood disasters can become a real problem.

They always tell doctors in training to look for the obvious before trying to find the obscure, and it’s no different for flood recovery companies. Flooding is always a possibility and you should be prepared with an emergency flood plan, but common items in your home are more likely to cause a serious problem than the local bodies of water.

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