Buying Trouble: Is Mould a Sign of Something More Serious?

Buying a dream home is on the wish list of many people. When you’re shopping for that dream home in the Greater Toronto Area, most would-be homeowners quickly discover that house hunting in this area often involves a great deal of patience and a willingness to compromise.

Do you stick to the older, established neighbourhoods with their tree-lined streets and close proximity to public transit? This may require some careful considerations about the budget.

Are you interested in one of the newer homes a little further out of town? If you work downtown, the many, many hours you will spend commuting on the GO Train may be more than you bargained for.

One thing that is common to all homes in Southern Ontario is a hefty upfront investment. The average house price in the area is at least half a million dollars, and it’s steadily climbing each year.

With so much money on the line, it’s important not to leave anything to chance. That’s why, if you have any reason to suspect the presence of mould in a house you’re hoping to purchase, it warrants a closer look.

Is Mould Really a Big Deal?

Perhaps you confuse a problem with mould with that little bit of green stuff you found on a long-forgotten wedge of cheese in the back of the fridge. It can ruin a lot more than your favourite camembert! Depending on the type of mould and the degree of the infestation, problems with mould can range from nuisance to serious health hazard.

You may think that mould isn’t a big deal, because you can always hire a professional mould removal company in Toronto to address the problem. That’s true, but getting to the bottom of what caused the mould infestation in the first place can be much bigger issue.

Mould can be a Symptom of Serious Problems

Mould thrives in damp environments. If you walk into the basement of a house you’re hoping to purchase and you notice a musty smell, or worse still, notice the scent of something used to cover up the smell, you may be buying trouble.

Perhaps the mould comes from water damage caused by the previous year’s spring runoff. The homeowner may have taken care of the problem, but what if they didn’t engage the services of a flood restoration company?

Even more alarmingly, there are homes all around the Greater Toronto Area that have been used for illegal operations, i.e., grow ops. What do many of these homes have in common? Problems with mould! A problem that you thought could be taken care of with mould removal services could suddenly become one that requires partial or total demolition of your new dream home.

There’s a lot of money on the line when buying a house in Toronto and the surrounding area. If you have already signed on the dotted line and need help addressing mould contamination, be sure to contract the services of a professional mould remediation firm to take care of the problem the right way, the first time.

Did you know?

Painting over mould will not kill or seal it up. Just because you can’t see mould, doesn’t mean that you don’t have it.
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