Containment, Infection Prevention, and Control

Containment, infection prevention, and control in the built environment is more than just following hygienists’ protocols or putting on intimidating Tyvek suits.


Preventing unwanted construction debris in areas that occupants inhabit should be every property managers’, engineers’, architects’, and general contractors’ highest priority. At Decon Environmental Remediation, we generally call this process “containment”, or what we specialize in – dust control.


It is, however, important to first define “infection control”.


An “infection” is defined as the entry and development or multiplication of an infectious agent in the body. We might relate to such as the recent Coronavirus, or COVID-19.


Therefore, controlling an infection refers to the policies and procedures used to minmiize the risk of spreading infection. In the built environment, the most common protocols for construction companies to follow are in healthcare facilities.


Decon agrees – our company takes construction a step further by ensuring crews build within dust-free, and infection controlled environments:

  1. Pre-renovation hoarding inspections – ensuring an area is adequately isolated
  2. Post-construction work area inspections – ensuring an area’s surfaces are free of any visible dust or debris
  3. Visual inspections – ensuring hoardings and containments are built with integrity: with appropriate negative air pressure and minimizing visible dust accumulation & dispersal
  4. Monitoring air quality – training our project managers to accurately read mould spore counts, particle concentrations, and lab analyses


All of Decon’s Foremen and Construction Project Managers are trained and certified in Construction-Related Infection Control. We invite all our clients and vendors to carefully read through our Health & Safety Policy to understand what it means to work with a construction company that puts occupants first.

Did you know?

An estimated 125 million people worldwide remain at risk of occupational exposure to asbestos.
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