Demolition Isn’t the Time for DIY

When we hear “demolition,” complete teardown is usually the first thing that comes to mind. That’s such a sad thought. Instead of thinking of demolition as the end of something that once was, what if we thought of it as the first step to a new beginning? There are so many diamonds in the rough in Toronto just waiting for someone to breathe new life into an old space.

Your home is the most personal space on earth. It is your sanctuary, and you deserve to have it just as you like. Unfortunately, sometimes that sanctuary is too small or comes saddled with an ugly kitchen. That’s when the services of a demolition contractor become very important. Before you can start fresh with the home of your dreams, the first step in many renovations is a careful demolition project.

Home Projects Starting with Demolition

Many new beginnings around the house start with demolition. For example, making your small house bigger with a home addition usually requires interior selective demolition. This means the house is braced by three of the four exterior walls. This kind of structural change simply can’t be left to someone who watched a video on YouTube.

Extensive kitchen renovations also require demolition of the old fixtures and finishes. Even though the home decorating shows make it look like a fun DIY project to get in there with a sledgehammer and start whacking down walls, it’s best to leave this one to a professional demolition company too. They can do the job safely and make sure that none of the remaining structures are accidentally damaged.

What Else Can a Demolition Company Do?

Usually, if a toxic substance is going to be found in a home, it’s at the time of a major scheduled upgrade. Once you’ve discovered that those tiles you’re ripping out are made from asbestos, you’re going to need the services of an environmental remediation firm too. Luckily, there are some decontamination specialists in Southern Ontario that also handle large and small demolition projects.

Every reputable contractor should tell you that safety is their top concern. No matter how small the demolition job is, it requires proper gear like gloves, boots and goggles to complete the job safely. Generally speaking, a professional demolition team also comes with a guarantee for job satisfaction. If you have taken demolition matters into your own hands and accidentally take out a portion of your kitchen counter that was supposed to remain intact, you’re out of luck.

Once the demolition is complete, you’re left with debris. A lot of debris. If that debris also contains hazardous substances like asbestos, lead or mould you’ll have a very hard time getting rid of it on your own. A professional demolition company already knows how to safely dispose of hazardous materials and can take that worry (and debris) off your hands.

In spite of the destruction it brings to mind, demolition is actually a very delicate project. One wrong swing with a sledgehammer can create a whole new set of problems. When it comes to tearing down so you can rebuild, it’s best to leave this one to the pros.


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