Is it Mould or Mold?

When you’re looking around for professional mould remediation in Toronto, people often run into an interesting problem. Should they be searching for mold removal or mould removal? The root of the confusion is a common one that should be well known to Canadians… It’s the difference between the traditional British spelling and the widespread use of American spellings that are slowly creeping north of the border.

The Case for Mold

There is a lot to be said for using as few letters as possible when it comes to frequently used words. Apparently many American school children have been taught that there is a separate and distinct use for each word. “Mold” is the stuff causes food to spoil and that you want to get out of your house as quickly as possible. On the other hand, “mould” is used as both a noun and a verb to indicate form or shape. Thinking of different uses for the each spelling of the word can help clear things up, but it isn’t of much help here in Canada where we tend to use them interchangeably.

In Favour of Mould

Anyone who knows their history knows that British English was here first, and it’s greatly influenced by the languages that came before it. For example, mould as in a tool to make things of a specific shape comes from the ancient French “moule” which means to copy or make in the shape of something else. As it refers to things that have gone off or mouldy, etymologists think that it may be from the ancient Norse word “mygla” which was loosely translated to mean “grow rotten.” It seems when examining the history of the word, the odds are stacked in favour of using the British spelling of mould.

The Correct Spelling is…

In Canada, we often follow the British convention and hold dear to our seemingly unnecessary letter “U” so you will most often see the word mould used on Canadian sites. As you will see it’s used extensively on our site when we talk about mould removal and remediation. There is no governing body protecting the letter U, but there is something to be said for upholding language traditions.

British, American or Canadian spellings notwithstanding, we think it’s safe to say one correct spelling for that ugly stuff that grows in your home is G-R-O-S-S, and we completely understand why you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. In many cases, mould is ugly but relatively harmless. However, some species are hazardous to human health and it’s hard to tell if the mould colony you just discovered in your house is one you need take seriously and deal with urgently. The best way to make sure you know what you’re dealing with is to arrange for mould testing, and then leave the clean up to the pros.

No matter what spelling you use, mold or mould, when you fill out our online contact form for professional mould removal services, we will be sure to take care of that problem for you right away!

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