Make Sure Your Water Damage Insurance Claim is Paid – 4 Helpful Hints

When we buy a home insurance policy, it’s usually with the expectation that it will be there when we need it. Property damage claims are tricky, and there are a lot of reasons why one may be denied by an insurance company.

We can’t negotiate with your insurance company, there are lawyers and insurance brokers to help you with those hurdles. However, we have seen a lot of frustrated homeowners in our years in business and we can offer you some advice to make sure your insurance claim makes it to the top of the approved pile.

Check Your Policy Carefully

There are a lot of things that your home insurance policy may cover, but in Toronto, it probably won’t cover what is commonly known as overland flooding. Damage from sewer backups is generally only covered if you have it specifically added to your policy.

Unless you just reviewed your policy with an insurance broker, you may not know what is and isn’t covered. The time immediately after a flood is a bad time to discover that your home insurance coverage is lacking, so take some time now to review your policy.

Keep Detailed Maintenance Records

Most of the time, the home’s exterior finishes will work to protect your house from water damage. Be sure to stick to the regular, recommended maintenance schedule around the house. If you have recently had repairs to your roof, have your gutters cleaned. If you have had maintenance work like parging done on your foundation, hang on to your receipts.

To help process your claim, your insurance company may ask for proof that your home was well maintained before the water damage event. Anything you can do to prove that your maintenance is up-to-date will help your case.

Practice Household Inventory Regularly

It will be much easier to get an accurate claim if you have a recent inventory of the insurable items in your home.

If you fancy yourself handy with a video camera, you can easily take a video inventory and provide narration. Budding photographers may prefer to take a series of pictures with item descriptions.

The more old-school among us might prefer to use a paper checklist to keep track of valuable items in the home.

No matter what method you use to keep a detailed home inventory, make sure you save a copy of it offsite to keep it safe from damage.

Hire a Professional Flood Damage Restoration Company

First and foremost, a professional Toronto flood damage restoration company will help you take steps to mitigate any further damage. These steps will include removing excess water, drying and thoroughly cleaning the affected areas, and ensuring that the conditions aren’t favourable to mould growth.

No matter what happens with your insurance claim, after an event that causes water damage in your home you need to restore it to its former glory. Working with a team of professionals can help you get back to your favourite space as soon as possible.

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