Recovering from a flood

As winter thaws out, flood warnings seem to be coming from every direction. But sometimes, what triggers a flood isn’t as drastic as a harsh winter. Something as simple as a leak, a broken dishwasher or a busted water pipe can cause serious damage to your home.

While a flood might just seem like excess water that needs to be cleared from the area, there are several health risks that can come from having water in the home, especially when dealing with a sewage backup which could lead to contaminated water.

Our team can help you recover from a flood with a three-step process. First, we remove the water. We do it slowly to prevent walls from further damage. Second, we remove carpets and padding to help the floors dry, salvaging whatever we can using our flood recovery techniques. Lastly, we disinfect and decontaminate your space to prevent mould and other harmful bacteria.

Recovering your space from the damage of a flood is only half the battle. Decon also helps you protect yourself from further flood devastation with these tips:

Keep your loved ones out of the damaged area until it is deemed safe again

Patch any holes in the roof, the walls and windows

If you decide to remain in your home after a flood, open doors and windows can help improve air circulation

For the items that can’t be salvaged, take inventory. Photos, descriptions and estimates of the values will make the insurance claim process much simpler

Dealing with the stress of a flood can be taxing. Let Decon’s professionals get your life back on track and your space back in order with compassion and competence.

Did you know?

Painting over mould will not kill or seal it up. Just because you can’t see mould, doesn’t mean that you don’t have it.
Decon Environmental Remediation can help detect and treat mould problems
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