To Disclose, or Not to Disclose? That is the Mould Question!

If you own an older home in Toronto, there’s a good chance you have dealt with at least one mould infestation in the time you have been in your house. After all, the city is built directly over the network of streams and tributaries that feed the Humber River, the Don River, and Lake Ontario.

From appliance leaks to spring floods and just general dampness in some areas of the house, small patches of mould are practically a fact of life. If you’re planning to sell your home and you have had troubles with mould, you may ask yourself if disclosing the problem to potential buyers is necessary. After all, you might have inherited the problem from the previous homeowners yourself.

Your lawyer can tell you all the reasons why you absolutely should disclose information on your challenges with mould in the home, and we have a few more reasons for you to think about.

Disclose Mould Contamination

First and foremost, you should disclose the past issues you have had with mould because it’s the right thing to do. One homeowner considered paying the mould problem forward to new owners of his house, and was rightly vilified in reader comments for merely asking the question online. It was virtually unanimous: Not sharing information about a mould infestation when you sell your house is a rotten thing to do.

It’s also unethical, and the legal fees could quickly outstrip any costs you would incur to either address the problem, or adjust an agreement of purchase and sale.

The Rules Apply to Everyone

If it makes you feel any better, you should know that these legal principles apply to commercial enterprises too. A Toronto hotel has landed in some hot water for their failure to disclose the discovery of mould to their staff and hotel guests. Bad reviews are the least of their worries. If the hotel is found to have contravened the Occupational Health and Safety Act, it may open them up to suits for years to come from employees who suffered ill effects because of the mould.

You may think you can get away with a fresh coat of paint and a quick sale, but as you can see, a little investigation can go a long way to bring the truth to light.

Professional Mould Removal in Toronto is the Best Choice

Of course, there is one way you can skip the trouble associated with covering up your mould problem altogether. You can contract the services of a professional mould removal company in Toronto—one with the local knowledge and technical expertise to understand your problem right away, and better still, one who knows exactly what to do to address it.

When you come to the moment of truth when selling your home, if you have taken the steps to properly address the problem of mould contamination, you can answer all questions honestly and provide appropriate documentation to back up your answers. Won’t that be a relief?

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