The first choice in any case of severe damage to a home or office, be it from flood, fire or neglect, is to restore the structure.

Property damage restoration is almost always the faster, safer, more environmentally sound course of action. However, sometimes a building’s interior or even the entire building just cannot be saved.

Decon Environmental Remediation knows that demolition should only be considered when all else fails. When we recommend demolition, it is only after every other possible solution has been examined.

The Last Resort

Sometimes demolition is unavoidable. However, before making such a drastic decision, it’s important to be certain demolition truly is the only available option. Cases where demolition is recommended include:

  • Derelict buildings that have been contaminated beyond the scope of what can be safely remediated (i.e., illegal drug operations).
  • A building is so heavily damaged that it is in imminent danger of collapse.
  • Happier reasons, like a home being stripped to the bare studs to perform a complete top to bottom renovation, breathing new life into an old building.

Demolition services can include interior selective demolition and complete structural demolition dependent on the needs of the specific project. A company well-versed in dismantling many different kinds of structures can bring the best practices of safe demolition to every project.

Safety Above All Else

Demolition and salvage work, especially when addressing contaminated properties, can create harmful exposures to site workers, the eventual inhabitants of a new structure in its place, and most of all, the public. For example, if asbestos is present in the structure slated for demolition, all of the best practices for asbestos removal, or asbestos abatement, need to be followed first to avoid creating an airborne dust cloud of asbestos fibers. The same can be said for most environmental contaminants.

In all demolition projects, environmentally sound waste management is the ethical choice. It protects the workers on the site and the public at large. Salvage is another great choice to achieve environmental neutrality for a demolition project. Salvaging any materials that can be sold for scrap does more than decrease the cost of demolition, it reduces the overall landfill contributions.

Did you know?

Painting over mould will not kill or seal it up. Just because you can’t see mould, doesn’t mean that you don’t have it.
Decon Environmental Remediation can help detect and treat mould problems

Decon Is The First Choice For the Last Resort

Decon Environmental Remediation has the experience to handle all types of demolition projects. We can guide you through the process, explain the environmental considerations and precautions you need to know about, obtain the necessary permits with the various municipalities in Southern Ontario, and carry out a hassle-free demolition project.
Because of the safety precautions that need to be taken on a demolition project to maintain public safety, a company skilled in environmental remediation makes the most sense. The principles of containment and decontamination are as important in a building scheduled for demolition as they are for one being restored. Decon has been performing safe demolition projects in Toronto and Southern Ontario since 2009. We have seen it all and offer professional, safe, reliable services for your demolition project.

We decided to do some extensive renovations to our house and because it was built around the time that may contain asbestos materials, we decided to do some testing. After going through countless companies to qualify their credentials for the project, Decon Environmental was selected out of all the companies that were on the short list. Aside from the qualifications that must be met such as Insurance specific to abatement, licensed/certified workers, and the standard procedures specific to the type of abatement of a project, we based our decision on additional factors. The experience and expertise that Angela brought to the table was very valuable. Her understanding and compassion for home owners faced with this material when trying to upgrade their homes was very welcoming. She was able to provide a wealth of information to educated us to protect ourselves. She was the only consultant that actually got down to the ground in her work attire to try to take out a piece of under laying tile from the floor vent that was underneath a layer of ceramic tile to confirm our suspicion of another area that may contain asbestos. This showed her dedication and willingness to help us quickly in determining the scope of the project. Dealing with Angela as a point person made the process more streamlined and seamless.

We were extremely happy with our decision after seeing how the team on site worked. Looking at Juan and his crew work together showed the experience that they had in dealing with these materials. What impressed me was the sheer process in setting up the containment. Juan simply rambled off instructions to his crew and without any questions, they got to work. It was almost as if it was rehearsed. That made our decision even more comforting that we chose the right company. If I were to use a word to describe their work, it would be “surgical”.

All that being said, we hired a 3rd party consultant to perform an inspection of the setup, pre-lockdown inspection and aggressive air sampling at the end of the project. Throughout each stage, the consultant was highly impressed with the results of what he saw. This was the final piece of the puzzle and confirmed our decision of choosing the right company overall.

The experience in dealing with Decon has been very positive. Their work is professional and precise, but their ability to bring it down a notch to personalize the experience is what sets them apart from the rest of the field.


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